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The Professional Chocolatier Program's curriculum prepares you for consistent production of fine chocolate bonbons, confections and bars. We begin with an in-depth understanding of chocolate, then move from that foundation into professional production skills, modern decoration techniques, equipment and supply sourcing, and production issues involved in opening a chocolate business.

Chocolate Making from the Bean for Chocolatiers is focused how to make your own chocolate from dried cocoa beans including the processes of sourcing beans, cleaning, winnowing, roasting, refining, conching and tempering to produce pure chocolate.

The Quality Assurance & Keeping Limits for Chocolatiers program is all about science: the science of producing a quality product, handling and storing it properly and knowing its keeping limits.

This 1 month 100% online program is focused on creating a business plan for chocolatiers. The curriculum takes students step by step through the business plan process including legal and management, marketing, operations and financial issues.

In order for you to get the most benefit from the program you will want to have all your preliminary research completed for your business plan before the program starts. Research on: the chocolate industry in your country, chosen business model, location and facility costs for your chocolate laboratory, equipment purchases needed to support your production, recipe development and costing, chocolate and ingredient costs from your suppliers, sales projections based on your price points and market research, marketing/promotional plans and financial assets allocated for the business. We can then help you to put those disparate pieces together in a coherent business plan.

This ongoing program is for the chocolate aficionado who is passionate to learn about chocolate flavor in order to pick the perfect fine chocolate bars and confections to suit their taste buds. The focus is on discussing chocolate flavor and tasting chocolate. It doesn't include instructions and recipes on how to make bonbons or bars but on how to taste what chocolatier and chocolate makers are producing. There is no kitchen or recipe work included.

Graduates of Ecole Chocolat Professional programs will have access to the Ecole Chocolat Graduate Centre. The Centre includes the library and research lists as well as information on our Ecole Chocolat Internship Program. Also, there is a Graduate Chef's Table where we hope you will join in and interact with your fellow graduates.