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Product Overview

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Product Overview
by User 2 - Saturday, 3 December 2011, 5:22 AM

Product information from http://www.aasted-mikroverk.com

The Aasted Tempering SuperNova-serie is a result of 65 years research and experience with chocolate machinery production. Its roots go back to Denmark in 1946 when the company founder, Dr. K. Aasted, invented the world's first continuous chocolate plate temper. Aasted Tempering Machines are still today the market leader because of the unique quality, ensuring the best tempering of chocolate possible.

  • SuperNova Energy
    The new groundbreaking SuperNova Energy tempering process is the solution to your future quality products and energy savings.
  • AMC SuperNova
    Aasted AMC SuperNova tempering machine is a result of 65 years of research in tempering technology and over 90 years of experience dealing with chocolate machinery production. This machine will ensure you the best tempered chocolate possible.
  • Small-scale AMC SuperNova Tempering Machines
    The small-scale AMC SuperNova tempering machines are perfect for use in laboratories or technology centres. They have maximum capacities of 50/100 kg/h, and maintain all the highly appreciated quality characteristic known from our other tempering machines.
  • Add On Equipment
    As solution provider for the chocolate industry we have developed series of add on equipment completing any thinkable wishes around the tempering machine and proces.
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Re: Product Overview
by fred lucas - Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 8:40 PM

has anyone used one of these units or know of someone using one?