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New selmi machines

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New selmi machines
by User 257 - Sunday, 5 July 2009, 10:21 PM
Hi everyone,

I am a small scale manufacture of chocolate products. I am planning to expand my business. But I am in confusion which machines I should purchase. I read about Selmi and I am quite impressed with the look. My doubt is whether I can use the Selmi tempering machine to produce 1000kg of chocolate per week and would it be reliable ?

I would appreciate if you can give me an advice,

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Re: New selmi machines
by User 213 - Sunday, 16 August 2009, 2:58 PM
For producing 1000 kg per week you can choose between the plus 24kg tank / 90kg per hour and if you think your production will increase, you can get future instead with 35kg tank / 170kg per hour.
It?s a repayable, simple easy and fast machine.
You can contact me on any time.