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Product Overview
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Tempering Machine product list from


  • Dry heat melters
  • High capacity melting kettles
  • Enrobing machines

Dry heat melters
Table top melters are designed for the melting and tempering of smaller volumes of couverture in artisanal or in semi-industrial environments with quick changing production needs.

Strong, lightweight and with removable stainless steel dishes, they are easy to maintain and to operate, ensuring continuous productivity and secure preservation of the unique characteristics of the couverture.

Design, electronics and construction ensure preservation of the characteristics of the couverture.
Easy to operate and to maintain.
Indirect induction heating for greater safety, hygiene and secure temperature control at every stage of the production process.
Accurate settings of desired temperature.
Low power consumption

Dry heat melter 3 kg, Ref. 9005
Small chocolate melter for coloring and decoration work

Dry heat chocolate melter 6 kg, Ref. 9006
Chocolate table top melter 6kg

Dry heat chocolate melter 12 kg, Ref. 9007
Chocolate melter with 12 kg capacity

Dry heat chocolate melter 24 kg, Ref. 9026 
Large capacity table top melter for the melting and tempering of up to 24kg of couverture.

High capacity melting kettles
Chocolate melting and tempering kettles for processing large amounts of couverture are a great solution for chocolate enrobing lines. The range of Mol d'Art chocolate kettles offers two high capacity melters. The largest machine can handle up to 500kg of chocolates, preserving the intrinsic taste and properties of the highest quality couvertures.

Tempering is a delicate process: under imperfect conditions aroma, texture and taste of the final product are easily lost. Time, temperature and movement are the major players in the process. Melting kettles of Mol d'Art ensures the right temperature and the necessary movement for the formation of stable crystals, needed to start the tempering process.

The melting kettles of Mol d'Art are designed as melting and tempering devices where large amounts of tempered couverture are needed.

Melting kettle 150 kg
Temperature is adjustable by an electronic thermostat. A closed water circuit ensures that temperature is stabilised at all stages of the process. 
Tempering machine for 150 kg chocolate
The tempering machine has a digital thermostat allowing accurate regulation of the desired temperature. The temperature is kept perfectly stable during the whole process of melting and tempering.

Melting kettle 500kg
Accurate and stable temperature adjustable by a closed water circuit with digital thermostat. 
Tempering machine for 500 kg chocolate
The 500 kg chocolate tempering machine has a digital thermostat allowing accurately set temperatures. All functions are conveniently grouped on a central control pannel.

The tempereermachine "9023" is designed for an intensive use in large industrial environments. The machine is extremely durable and easy to maintain.