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Re: Referrals for Hillard's
by Alan Silver - Saturday, 12 January 2013, 5:06 PM

I have used  Hilliard melters and a Hillard enrober for years in my store in New York City. I found them to be effecient, extremly dependable and reliable workhorses. They make tempering easy. I rarely had any problems. Repairs rarely are needed -they are always simple. Hilliard always helps with direction and parts when needed. I highly recommend the Hilliard machines.These machines should last forever with minimal care.

My store is closed and my 2 Hilliard chocolate melters and Hilliard enriber and cooling tunnel,candy copper pots,coldelite soft icecream equipment , and showcases etc are available. All work  and are ready for immediate use.

Alan Silver 347-400-9013       aisalan@aol.com