Rev x3210

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Rev x3210
by User 215 - Monday, 17 November 2008, 10:00 AM
Hi Daniel,
i just received the new x3210 revolution machine, and i tried the first sample with the dark chocolate, so it works perfect,
i am new in the chocolate world but as i know that when you want to temper (manual)we need to follow 3 steps;
1- melt to desired temp.
2-seed/cool to desire temp
3-bring back to the right tempering.

but this machine i only put the chocolate and it melts it than seed/cool directly to tempering temperature.
so it made it in two steps
actually it works

I've read the instruction manual and it only says that you should adjust the melting point temperature, but nothing else.

is this right or there is another bottom to adjust the cooling temperature and the tempering temperature after seeding?

Thanks in advance.