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Revolation 1
by Gail Mosey - Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 8:20 PM

Tempering Forum – ChocoVision Revolation 1

Gail Mosey

September 7, 2011


I have owned the Revolation1 tempering machine for over a year and am chagrined to say that I had never used it.  This forum prompted me to bring it out of the cabinet and give it a whirl.  I’m enrolled in the Professional Chocolatier Program and have been tempering via tabliering and seeding and managed to temper a couple batches of chocolate successfully.  I must admit, I enjoyed using the ChocoVision Revolation 1more than I thought I would.  It’s going to be a challenge to write 600 words about this machine because it is so simple to use and worked so well, but here I go.


The process for using the machine is as follows:

·         I read through the concise instruction booklet and set up the machine which was a very simple matter.  The room temperature was 72⁰F and the relative humidity was 45%, nearly perfect for working with chocolate.

·         Per the instructions, I rubbed a piece of chocolate inside the bowl to prime it and ensure that the baffle did not stick. 

·         I added 1 pound of chocolate to the bowl, turned the machine on and chose ‘dark’ chocolate.  The machine allows you to temper up to 1 ½ pounds of chocolate at a time but calls for at least 4 ounces of seed chocolate so I did not want to exceed 1 pound for the initial amount of chocolate.  I used Valhrona Macae Les Feves 62% cocoa pure Brazilian cacao.

·         The bowl started to spin and the chocolate slowly started to melt.  The chocolate never overflowed the baffle and all the chocolate stayed neatly in the bowl.

·         The machine beeped after 25 minutes to indicate that it was time to add the seed chocolate (the temperature of the chocolate at this time was 86⁰F.  I added 4 ounces of seed chocolate.

·         After 15 minutes the machine beeped to indicate that the chocolate was tempered.  The chocolate at this time was 86⁰F. I did a test and the chocolate was indeed tempered.  It set up quickly, was shiny and had a nice snap. 

·         In the spirit of my assignment in tempering for the Professional Chocolatier Program, I decided to see if the machine would hold the chocolate in temper for 20 minutes.  I kept the machine running in the ‘ready’ mode and tested after 10 minutes (chocolate was 87⁰F) and after 20 minutes (chocolate was 85⁰F) and in both cases the chocolate was still in excellent temper.


Some Things to Consider

While holding the chocolate in temper it seems like you could either dip the centers in the bowl while the machine is running or turn the machine off and keep the chocolate in temper using a bain marie.  The bowl is metal so it cannot be placed in the microwave. 


In reading reviews of other machines, it sounds like some machines require that you set the temperature depending on the chocolate.  The ChocoVision Revolation 1is fully automated and only requires that you select white, milk or dark chocolate which is probably okay for small batches but may be limiting if the machine allowed for larger batches.             


I bought this machine on Craigslist (U.S.) and got it for half the retail price after the original owner had only used it a few times and am very satisfied with the performance.  I would purchase a used machine again after doing the necessary homework on machine performance and due diligence on how ‘used’ the machine really is.


Drawback to the Revolation1

The only drawback to this machine from my perspective is that I found it fairly loud, but I do not have a basis for comparison so I do not know whether it is louder than or quieter than other machines.