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Re: Revolation 2
by User 45 - Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 12:35 PM
I have a 3 year old Rev 2. I use it constantly and produce as many as 300 hand dipped truffles per day for the holiday seasons. From October 07 to February 08 it has run almost 24/7. Although it is quite noisy, I place it on 2 layers of webbed nonslip drawer lining rubber covered with plastic wrap or parchment paper and it reduces the noise significantly. I have an extra bowl, baffle and scraper which I use to either pre-melt Couverture or an alternate type or color.

The poor thing is showing some signs of age however. The inside case is cracking and warping from the constant heat and the original baffle is also showing some stress cracks. The circuit board is also getting tired; if I touch anything metal in the kitchen it often will reset the unit. I do live in a very dry climate so static is a problem. Lately I have noticed that the temper is not dependable so I check each batch as I go.

As far as the size, it is really quite small for the volume that I produce. I overcome this by placing about 5 ? 10 lbs. of chocolate in a large bowl in my oven and setting it to Dehydrate ? 100 degrees for about an hour and then turn it off. The oven will hold the heat but not overheat the chocolate and when I run low I pour some of the pre-melted chocolate behind the baffle and usually reset to start the temper process over. This only takes a couple of minutes because the melted chocolate is almost at temp to add seed.

My advice to a prospective buyer is to get the larger unit if you can only afford one tempering machine. Ideally I would say to buy one of each. You can not imagine how quickly you will need the larger machine.

I am not a big fan of service contracts but the extended warranty offered by Chocovision might be a wise investment, especially if your business depends on having one machine up and running.

Lastly, Chocovision will trade in or trade up for any previously purchased units.