Chocoma 6T20 tempering machines - drain cock

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Chocoma 6T20 tempering machines - drain cock
by User 228 - Thursday, 12 February 2009, 1:21 AM
I would appreciate some advice from anyone who has used a Chocoma 6T12 or 6T20 tempering kettle. I am looking at buying one of these so I downloaded the manual and it says this:

"the chocolate in the drain cock is separately heated and at this point is not tempered. If a large quantity is drained off thi is not important, but if only a small quantity is required return the 1st litre back into the chocolate container"

I'm wondering if you have to do that every time you release chocolate or just the first time. Also wouldn't returning 1 litre of untempered chocolate to a container that holds 20l(or 12l for the smaller model) ruin the temper of the batch? Is the litre of chocolate that you drain at the same temperature as the chocolate in the container?

Anyone have any other feedback on these machines? thanks
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Re: Chocoma 6T20 tempering machines - drain cock
by User 233 - Saturday, 28 February 2009, 2:16 PM
I'm new in this forum and I have a friend that gave me a tempering machine from Chocoma it's the 6T20 model and is in quite great shape,
unfortunatly I have no idea if I should sell it or keep it and start a little chocolat buisness with it... ??
first I don't know the price of this type of machine and second if I do a buisness with this machine do I need some other equipment ?
could someone be kind enough to help me out with this and give me some advice.
the machine is in great shape like new it's exaclty like the one on the Chocoma site.
thanks for your support !!