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Product Overview
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AURA - Aura is the expression of FBM technology in the field of the small table tempering machines. The machine is controlled by dedicated electronic CPU that allows to obtain the continuous tempering process.

PRIMA - The PRIMA tempering machine is the smallest among FBM range. With a 7 kilos capacity bowl, PRIMA meets the requirements of the small pastry shops both for its cheap price and for the small dimensions. The high technology insides are the standards from FBM.

COMPATTA - TEMPERING ENROBING MACHINE The tempering machine COMPATTA is able to temper, drip, dose and enrobe. The continuous tempering technology has two separate systems: the heating by liquid and the pre-crystallization made by compressed gas, that grants short working times and precision in holding temperature.

TWIN - THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR THE RIGHT SHOP Twin is a decorative machine born to be displayed and work into places with chocolate flavor. The modern design allows to fit it perfectly in the counters of confectionery, chocolate, ice cream and coffee shops. The small size allows flexible positioning, adaptable also to existing furniture.

UNICA - TEMPERING ENROBING MACHINE Unica is the first tempering machine of these dimensions equipped with 3 stage tempering system. Continuous tempering technology controls 3 temperatures: melting phase (with liquids), second stage with regulation of tempering curbe and exact control tempering set point with control of cooling sysem (by gas).

MAESTRIA - TEMPERING ENROBING MACHINE The machine is controlled by an electronic board which allows to set the heating and tempering temperatures, the automatic turning on and off and the "night cycle" feature. The continuous tempering technology has two separate systems: Heating in a closed circuit by liquid (water + food glycol) and pre-crystallization by gas R 404 which allows short times in reaching the set temperature.

MTR 60 - TEMPERING ENROBING MACHINE With MTR 60, FBM create an industrial machine (capacity of the bowl: kg 60, with a total working capacity of kg 250 of tempered chocolate per hour) featuring for the first time its technology usually put into the shop machine.