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Tempering or Melting machine?

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Tempering or Melting machine?
by User 166 - Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 4:45 AM
On a trip to Brazil I came across these fantastic little kiosks in many shopping malls that had melted chocolate in machines with constantly spinning wheels... I managed to find the website at:

Can anyone tell me if these machines with spinning wheels are chocolate melting machines or tempering machines?

Much appreciated.
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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by User 167 - Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 12:21 PM
Most likey that is a melting machine- since the goal of tempering is to get the chocolate to harden or stick to something...basicly tempering is a process of melting the chocolate to (a certain temperature to melt the coco cristals) and then cooling the chocolate (to a certain temperature) so that the end result is a chocoalte that shines, has a crisp "break" to it and it sets right. In additon to this process of change of temperatures the chocolate has to be "agitated" and be in a contraled environment...I hope this helped answer your question. Best wishes
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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by User 169 - Tuesday, 3 June 2008, 12:51 PM
Hello Brian,

I have just returned from Brazil a few days ago and left my sister in Brazil "in charge" of finding out about those machines. Thanks to you I now know that it is a franchise operation and she is NOT going to find the machine where we usually shop for culinary equipment.
I was intrigued with the design,they had a three-bin machine plus a single bin one.
I thought it would be wonderful to have one in operation so fruit can be dipped on the spot and served.
I was not impressed with the end-product(I eat VERY little chocolate); I did not like the looks of a few strawberries in a bowl swimming in chocolate.
My passion is to work with chocolate and the machine did seem to be simple and uncomplicated.
I sent a message to them on their website, if you are curious about their reply I will post it when I receive an answer.
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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by Abdull alotaibi - Wednesday, 4 May 2011, 2:57 PM


Thanks God That I found people talking about this chocolate machine in english , I'am looking for the same machie too , did anyone know where they sell this machine , if yes please share it with me ......

some peole selling this machine on website simillar to ebay but for its scary to buy from so i preffer agents or direct manfactures

I also have some websites for company selling the same machine and able to customize whatever you want but you have to speak portugues which is hard for me , I will get these websites from my work PC next week to share it with you since you are looking for it.



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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by User 166 - Tuesday, 3 June 2008, 11:27 PM
Hi Roseli,

thank you for the message. I would be really interested to see the reply from the company. It's an interesting concept although I agree with you the fruit swimming in chocolate doesn't sound very nice.

The design of the machines seems simple and I was wondering if it was just a machine that melts the chocolate. Also, the kiosks are operated outside and it must be difficult to regulate the temperature. Any information would be appreciated!

Best regards


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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by User 169 - Wednesday, 4 June 2008, 5:51 AM
Hello Brian,

In Brazil the temperature control is not much of a problem, these kiosks are in malls and the temperature indoors is usually even. During the winter (in Sao Paulo the low temperatures hover in the mid-fifties during the day on VERY COLD days; in other areas -like where the company is located, Belo Horizonte, it is mid-sixties....) I am sure the machines have a temperature device, that flowing chocolate looked tempered to me.
I will let you know if I hear from them - Brazilians have the worst communicating habits: they do not respond promptly to enquiries, even by email!
I am curious, where did you go to in Brazil?
I have family there and go quite often.
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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by marcos correa - Friday, 1 July 2011, 3:44 PM

I'm from Brazil, This is for Hydrogenated Chocolate, is very bad for  your health.


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Re: Tempering or Melting machine?
by Roseli D'Agostino - Wednesday, 31 August 2011, 9:03 AM

Hello Marcos!

I knew SOMEONE would give me the answer... it makes sense, in Brazil the only chocolate that can be efficiently used is the hydrogenated kind!

Perhaps that's why I considered myself "VACCINATED FOR LIFE" against two things: chocolate and ice cream! Trying to eat those two things as a child I never again will eat much of it - everything else one eats in Brazil is totally wonderful!!