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How do I temper chocolate with my Selmi one?

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How do I temper chocolate with my Selmi one?
by Thorbjorn Sigurbjornsson - Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 2:48 AM

Once my chocolate blend has mixed enough in my Micron I put it in to my Selmi one tempering machine. I am making 70% dark chocolate, 50% milk chocolate and 35% white chocolate and I don't know how long and at what temperature they should be on in the tempering machine. Do they stay at one temperature the whole time or do I need to set the machine to a mode that switches it for me? 

When I was tempering at home with no machines I put the temperature on each chocolate up, then down and then a little up again. Shouldn't it be like that in the machine as well?

Thank you in advance!