Revolation 2 - your opion

Picture of Tamar Vered
Revolation 2 - your opion
by Tamar Vered - Sunday, 10 April 2016, 1:30 PM


My name is Tamar

I started the chocolatier course few weeks ago.

I received a present few days ago (at the end of the tempering assignment)

The Revolation 2 tempering machine.

Do you like it?

Is it mostly for home use?

For small business?

Any feedback from your side will be great and much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for your time,

Kind Regards


Picture of Michelle Sanders
Re: Revolation 2 - your opion
by Michelle Sanders - Monday, 11 April 2016, 4:57 AM

I love the Rev2.  It is a small work horse.  It tempers perfectly every time.  I love that you can stop the bowl and re-start it - handy when dipping.  I used it when I was starting my business.  I pretty quickly outgrew it as a main tempering machine, but still use it for home use and for tempering white chocolate for drizzling and for very small projects like demos in classes.  I also love that you can remove the bowl for cleaning - can't do that with my larger machines. I kind of wish I had two.  But I moved up to a Hilliards Little Dipper, then a Hilliards 6-inch Coater, which is where I am now. Some days, I use all three.  The Rev2 is a great place to start.

Picture of Victor Antonio Padilla Prado
Re: Revolation 2 - your opion
by Victor Antonio Padilla Prado - Monday, 11 April 2016, 7:00 AM

I find it too small as a business main machine, I run a really small business, have the revolation delta with holey baffle and even with that there are days when I feel 17.5lbs of chocolate is just not enough chocolate sometimes I feel I should have saved for the bigger 3z. So obviously I wouldnt recommend it as a business main tempering machine, but as Michelle said, being that small, rev2 is small enough to process really small batches quick, so you could use it for tempering small amounts for hand dipping or making details or home use. Taking that into account I totally recommend it as a secondary machine.

Jennifer Smith
Re: Revolation 2 - your opion
by Jennifer Smith - Monday, 11 April 2016, 4:25 PM

Hi Tamar,

I use my Rev Delta in a small business and it works really well for me.  I can see needing a larger temperer soon, but it is a great start up machine.  Good luck!

Best regards,

Jennifer Smith

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