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Chocovision or Hilliard's for growing business?

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Chocovision or Hilliard's for growing business?
by user 22 - Sunday, 9 November 2014, 10:09 AM


I am new to the forum and am debating whether to buy a Chocovision temperer (Revolation V or x3210) or Hilliard's LIttle Dipper. I own a small business and we have been using the Rev 1, which has been great to start off with, but we need to upgrade our capacity. I know Hilliard's is a great machine, but can anyone tell me if the comparable Chocovision machines are any better and if so, why? 

We hare looking for the machine that can temper around 5-10 lbs of chocolate the fastest -- any recommendations to that point would be much appreciated!