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Perfect Equipement Air-2 review

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Perfect Equipement Air-2 review
by Catherine Wiersema - Wednesday, 12 February 2014, 3:41 PM

I bought a Perfect Equipement Air-2 second hand in mid-2013.  I have now used it for the last three months, not on a daily basis but frequently enough to have developed a strong appreciation of this little workhorse. 

The Air-2 has a full-size pan (deep version) that can hold 20 kgs of chocolate, at that size it is a perfect unit for a small chocolatier operation.  A wheel and spout contraption are also part of the unit.  The spout makes molding very fast and easy.   I will typically start it 14 to 15 hours before needing it.  The controls are easy to use, with temps in 1/10th of a degree increments.  The partial cover can be left in place during its heating phase.   When I first got the machine, I checked its temperature probe for accuracy and found it to be spot on.  The pan can be a little less than half full (with 8.5 to 9 kgs of chocolate) without affecting the probe's reliability.

I like to start the wheel when temps are getting high to help distribute the heat, and then start the manual tempering process. It will take perhaps 40 to 50 minutes for the temps to go down from about 115 to the mid-nineties, at which point I will add seed.  I have found it takes little seed (less than 10% of the total pan content) to get superb tempering.  Waiting about 15 minutes to start molding also ensures a good crystal distribution once you have reached your target temps.

The beauty of this machine is its ability to hold temper all day long.  I see a huge difference between the ease of unmolding now versus unmolding with my prior machine.  Rarely do I need to place molds in the fridge.  No bloom, just consistent shine.

I would pay full price for this machine now that I know what it can do!  Should I need a bigger model, I will definitely look at another Perfect Equipement.

I should also say that my one-time contact with the manufacturer in Quebec was excellent, he was very helpful, truly responsive.  So call me happy.  Catherine