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Hilliards Little Dipper for Moulded Chocolates?

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Hilliards Little Dipper for Moulded Chocolates?
by Cindy Healy - Tuesday, 5 February 2013, 1:55 PM


I currently have a mol d'art and a ACMC tempering machine.  I have just started a conversation with someone about a Little Dipper they have for sale.  Does anyone know how large the bowl is on the Little Dipper.  I tend to use molds rather than dip and my current problem is the ACMC model's bowl is too small and I make a mess.  I'm wondering if anyone has used the Little Dipper for molded chocolates.  If yes would you recommend it?  The price is good in comparison to the next leap however I'm waivering on whether I will have a similiar problem because of the bowl.

Thanks very much.


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Re: Hilliards Little Dipper for Moulded Chocolates?
by Lisette Hall - Wednesday, 3 July 2013, 8:06 AM

Greetings Cindy,

I have had my Little dipper for almost one year and although I have never used the ACMC tempering machine it looks like has more open bowl space - the little dipper (as may know) has a baffle in the middle of the bowl separating the tempered chocolate from the seed chocolate which is continuously being added as the bowl rotates.

I have felt hindered by the baffle when trying to dip a ladle into the tempered chocolate when doing chocolate molds.Please know I love my little dipper! But for molded chocolates it is a bit challenging and messy.

The inside circumference of the little dipper bowl is approximately 10 5/8" across and the depth from bottom of bowl to top of baffle is @ 4".

I suppose if you took the baffle out after the chocolate was tempered it would be easier to work with molds but that means unscrewing the temperature gauge which is set on the inside bottom of the baffle.

Anyway... this is just my experience.

I hope this helps a little in your decision making.



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Re: Hilliards Little Dipper for Moulded Chocolates?
by Kathy Hoyt - Wednesday, 3 July 2013, 11:13 AM

We purchased a Little Dipper alomst two years ago. Quickly we founc out it wasnt big enough, so we went to a larger machine. The Little Dipper works well and we use it for a back up. We too found the bowl too small so I took a carbide 1/2 inch drill and drilled 4 holes in the bottom portion of the baffle about 2 inches from the base of the bowl which allowed the chocolate to flow through, thus increasing the tempering capacity. This is not easy, the stainless steel is very hard and requires lubricating well while drilling.