ACMC Table Top Temperer

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ACMC Table Top Temperer
by Cindy Healy - Monday, 8 October 2012, 2:04 PM

Well, I made the plunge and purchased a new to me ACMC temperer. I'm trying to figure out the little idiosyncracies of the machine. Thus far, I've discovered from posts that the temp probe is taking its temp from the bowl not the chocolate. I've put in my probe thermometer and I'm trying to use it for tempering my question to those using this machine is this. Do I ignore the manufacturers instructions and go with the tempering I've done in the past or do I use the manufacturers instructions. I'm currently trying milk chocolate and I've brought my chocolate to 110 (I melted it previously in my mol d'art), lowered the temp on the machine to 83 and begun seeding in the back of this machine. I tried bringing the temp back up to my usual 87 but I've fallen out of temp - the chocolate while shiny is soft. Room information is 57% humidity and 68 degrees F. Thanks for any help you can send. Would love to get this figured out - picture it saving me oodles of time.