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Melter or Small Tempering Machine to start

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Melter or Small Tempering Machine to start
by Manuela Teixeira - Friday, 28 September 2012, 2:47 AM

Hello colleagues,

Each day that goes by I have this idea that I really need to invest in equipment. However I am at a beginning stage, I would like to buy somethink that makes sense, that is helpful for me to get started and have no regreats later on:

Melter is probably less expensive, and I understand that it makes our life easier so we only have to set temperatures and mix the chocolate for crystalization. The tempering machine for 3 kgs might be to small and to expensive to invest in case I might need a bigger one. I do not feel like wasting money at all. Can anyone share their thoughts with me?

Also should I buy this from a local representative or directly for the sites that Ecole Chocolat gaves us? If the price is the same, I guess I can have some support locally faster? and also creating business bonding to suplliers.

Will anyone share their thoughts with me, please? Thanks Manuela

NOTE: A second used machine or melter is risky? Or should I also investigate that option?