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Defective Plate over chocolate reservoir

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Defective Plate over chocolate reservoir
by Melanie Boudar - Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 3:09 AM
I had several issues with my vibration table and metal plate not heating and constantly blowing fuses, the cause of which was a mystery.
I decided to take the metal plate off the tank . We looked underneath and found that the wires for heating the plate had become unsoldered and were sticking out. The epoxy coating or whatever coating that was originally over the wires had eroded somehow. Since all we do is lift the plate slightly to refill the tank it seemed odd to find the wires exposed.
To keep the machine agitating without the exposed wires causing a fuse to blow, I had to remove the magnet and tape it to side of the machine. Now the vibration table heats but I have to find a way to repair the plate.
This is a Selmi Plus about 3 years old.
I don't see a field here to post a pic but have one.