Help! my Chocovision rev2 bowl won't turn

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Re: Help! my Chocovision rev2 bowl won't turn
by Kymberlee Keckler - Thursday, 4 October 2012, 5:51 PM
Sorry for the late reply, but I just saw this. I had the exact same problem. I likely overfilled mine with too much chocolate and it overflowed into the inside of the machine.

I took mine apart and cleaned all of the chocolate out of it and that fixed it. Don't unscrew the 2 phillips screws in the bottom, that holds the motor in the proper position.You will need a torx screw driver to take it apart. THere are about 6 that hold it together.

You could also try heating the bottom with a heat gun while it's in tact to melt the chocolate, but the problem will not be fixed permanently.