My (resolved) problems with ACMC machine

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Re: My (resolved) problems with ACMC machine
by Luciane Choucate - Friday, 6 September 2013, 4:13 PM

Hi Roseli! I make bean to bar chocolate, and I use to temper my chocolate on a marble table. I bought a ACMC Tabletop Temperer. Unfortunately until today, I'm failing in temper my chocolate using the ACMC. Could you help? I have some doubts:

1) As I produce the chocolate from bean, when the batch is ready to temper, I don't have a tempered chocolate to use as seed. The tempered seed is mandatory?

2) Are needed "waiting" times at the maximum melting temperature, lowest temperarture and molding temperature?

3) I'm trying to temper a 60% milk chocolate now. Do you have any reccomendation?

Thank you!