Revolation 1 Tempering MAchine Review.

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Revolation 1 Tempering MAchine Review.
by Michelle-Jo Garfield - Friday, 9 September 2011, 7:47 AM
Revolation 1 Tempering Machine

I purchased a Revolation 1 tempering machine from Chocovision as my first temperer when living in Nashville USA. For a great price of around $400, this little gem is the perfect starting temperer.

What I absolutely love about this machine is the fact that I can quickly temper a batch of chocolate for a small order or a treat I'm making at home in around 25 minutes. It tempers up to 680 grams (1.5 pounds) of chocolate at a time. It is easy to set up and start and just as simple to clean. The temperatures needed for each chocolate type are all programmed in. All you need to do is select the chocolate type, add the seed when required and press the seeding button. The Revolation 1 is especially good for very small trial chocolate runs where you want to test out colouring techniques or flavour combinations without tempering huge batches of chocolate.

The main challenge I have had has been bringing it back to Australia where we have 240 volts rather than the 110 volts this machine is made to run on. They can be purchased in Australia for almost double the price and although the power difference was a little frustrating to work around it was still cheaper than purchasing a new one here. I now have it running through a transformer to convert the power. It has been through some wear and I eventually blew the temperature sensors in the baffle through my own thoughtless mistake. Fortunately my father being a gifted builder of race engines was able to convert it and get it back to working order. It is definitely my friend again. I will however be purchasing my next one from Australia.

I have had to replace a few parts over the three years I have had the machine at a total cost of less than $14. The small baffle clips are fragile if you like to add a chunk of chocolate for the seeding method. This is not the recommended way to seed in this machine and I have since gone back to adding chalets or finely chopped chocolate. I also noticed recently my chocolate remained very hot even after it had finished the tempering process. After checking the temperatures I contacted Chocovision who identified the problem as broken temperature sensors and replaced the baffle promptly, free of charge. They provide incredible service and advice.

This machine is quite noisy and I have found this a problem when using it for home use. In a bigger production room I am sure it would not be as noticable. It is suggested you can hold it in temper for a while with little attention although I am yet to test exactly how long as I use the chocolate too quickly. Another frustration with this machine is the bowl size. I don't like it because it is a small unit and you cannot scrape your mold off without getting chocolate all over the temperer when you turn it over to tap out the excess chocolate. I have found a method of twist, turn and shift in a particular way to minimise this, though I am looking forward to using a bigger machine just so this process can be cleaner.

I have since bought a larger temperer for bigger production but this one I will always keep. Its the perfect size for small batches of chocolate and great when your working with two chocolates at once or decorations for cakes and pastries. Its perfect not only for beginners but is a machine I will continue to use when I open my store. Definitely value for money!

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Re: Revolation 1 Tempering MAchine Review.
by Christy Hovland - Saturday, 22 October 2011, 3:40 PM
I bought a Revolation 1 through Dove Chocolate Discoveries when I was a rep. You can get them as low as $200 if you get in on discounts, etc. I think I paid $180 for mine with shipping. Just a heads up -- if you can find a DCD rep in your area and find out when they do their tempering machine special. :)