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Chocovision Revolation 1
by Michelle Calio - Thursday, 8 September 2011, 6:34 PM

Chocovision Revolation 1 Review



I have had a Chocovision Revolation 1 for about 4 years now. My husband bought my first one for me as a Christmas gift after watching me hand temper my chocolate for dipping truffles. Best gift ever.


I started out making chocolate as a hobby- and this machine was perfect. The chocovision Rev 1 holds about a pound and a half of chocolate at a time. Depending on the viscosity of the chocolate- it can sometimes hold less than the pound and a half if you don’t want a total mess outside the bowl.


The chocovision rev 1 tempers chocolate in roughly 30 minutes. Once you know your machine and your processes… you can multitask while the chocolate is tempering. The first two years of having my chocolate machine I did everything by hand. The machine works relatively well for hand dipping. If your ganache for truffles is too soft, when you are dipping- it can be difficult to retrieve from the machine. Also, as the chocolate is used and there is less and less in the bowl it is difficult to retrieve truffles. It does best with more than half a pound of tempered chocolate.


The machine is good and bad for molded pieces. The bowl itself is so small it is almost impossible to pour back into the bowl without getting chocolate all over. I use my machine on the counter top and use a raised platform to the right of the machine with a slightly warmed granite surface. I then tap the air bubbles out of the mold then dump the chocolate out on the warmed granite. I work very quickly and scrape the chocolate back into the tempering machine. I can shell about 100 - 120 molded pieces with a temper before run out of chocolate or worry that it’s out of temper. Same for capping- I can cap about 100 - 120 molded pieces before I have to retemper. 


This machine is probably the cheapest machine on the market and works quite well. The rev 1 is approximately 10 pounds and measures 12.5”W x 10.5”D x 5.25”H. I have a bun rack in my kitchen and had a piece of hard wood cut to fit the whole length of one rack. I can fit both of my rev 1 machines on there and not worry about the weight of the machines plus they are conveniently out of the way when not in use and I have plenty of room for all my trays on there too.


The rev 1 assembles quickly. It’s just a bowl, the baffle and a scraper that fit together. A quick prime- rubbing chocolate just in front of the scrapper ensures a good fit and helps to keep the scraper from cracking. (I went through quite a few scrapers in the beginning) You select whether you want to temper White, Milk or Dark chocolate and let the machine do its thing. The rev 1 uses hot forced air to heat the chocolate. It looks like a tunnel in the machine where the hot air comes out and hits the metal bowl right behind the baffle where the chocolate chunks or seed wait to be melted. Next it will beep at you and tell you it’s ready for seed chocolate. You add seed and press select and when it beeps at you again its ready! Remember to remove any seed chunks from behind the baffle so the chocolate doesn’t overcrystalize. The chocolate is almost always in perfect temper. I’ve only had one issue for a 3 day period in which my chocolate was not tempering properly. I knew there was a problem when it was taking way too long for the chocolate to say it was tempered. When I got the thermometer out and checked the temps- for some reason it was not beeping at me when it was in temper. So I manually checked the temps for those few days and removed the seed from the machine when proper temper was met. The machine would beep at me about 10 minutes later, but I knew it was in temper already. It is good to double check the temperatures every once in a while to make sure the machine is working properly.


Cleanup is easy. Just as the pieces went together, they slide apart and are ready for cleanup. Sometimes the chocolate does overflow from the bowl and I’ve had chocolate everywhere. It does clean up pretty quickly though.  







Pretty accurate temping unit






Light Weight


Bowl spins- no stirring required


Durable machine- I’ve had mine for 4+ years and I use it all the time. I’ve never had to have it repaired and I’ve tempered and retempered for up to 10 hours straight when needed without any problems.


Love that its forced hot air. I don’t have to worry about light bulbs or any water around my chocolate. The machine is so small it doesn’t really heat up the ambient room temp much. Just watch what you set next to it. Don’t store completed chocolate pieces or anything that might melt.






Plastic parts- had issues with scrappers when bowl not primed properly. The baffle clip that is used to keep the chocolate in place is very thin and can easily break also. I’ve gone through 2 of them in 4 years.


Small bowl- only holds a pound and a half max.


No bowl pause


No digital temperature readout


Bottom Line: This machine works well enough for me that I bought a second machine about two years ago. Dove Chocolate sells these machines cheaper than Chocovision sells them, and when you throw a party you can get an item half off. I got my second machine for $100! Makes a great backup or I use it during the busy season when I’m working all day. Someday I will upgrade to a larger machine, but for now it works perfect. I make approximately 200-800 chocolate pieces a day and most of the year I only make chocolate once a week. During the busy holiday season my workload increases and I am in the production kitchen 2-4 days a week and my Chocovision Revolation 1 keeps up with me!


Happy chocolate making.


Devansh Ashar
Re: Chocovision Revolation 1
by Devansh Ashar - Thursday, 17 October 2013, 11:58 AM

Hey Michelle,


It great to hear that the Rev1 keeps up during the busy season as well..

Just a clarification, I trust the "seed" chocolate you use in the Rev1 would be untempered, could you confirm the same for me?