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Future problems for machines that use light bulbs for heating

Ecole Chocolat
Future problems for machines that use light bulbs for heating
by Ecole Chocolat - Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 1:09 PM
I contacted Hilliards with the following question:

One of our graduates had a very good question about replacement light bulbs. Since companies that make light bulbs in the US are tasked by the gov to phase out incandescent bulbs, what substitute bulb do you recommend she use to replace her current incandescent bulb in her tempering machine.

Thanks to Jim Bourne from Hilliards for getting back to me quickly and he will keep me up to date on any developments around this issue:

We are testing a blower-heater for the light bulb machines. The testing will find the right balance of wattage and airflow. We have used that system in the larger machines for years. A conversion will be available in a couple of months. Meanwhile, if they want to stock up on 100 watt bulbs they can. They can also use a larger flood type bulb (still 100 watts) that won't be phased out for a it longer. The bulbs must be incandescent not energy saving bulbs.

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