Rev Delta Experiences

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Rev Delta Experiences
by Theresa Thielemann - Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 7:07 PM

We have several Chocovision machines and would likely purchase another.  This report concerns the Rev Delta: Bottom line first. I purchased a second one and could conceivably add a third (milk/dark/white). The machine can actually temper up to 20lbs if you add a holey baffle from the manufacturer, but doing so almost always requires melting from block chocolate (we use callets) or premelting in another device, such as a microwave. We do not use the holey baffle. The programs are nice, but, once again, did not accommodate our preferred line of chocolate melt temp requirements. So in the end, we paid a lot of money for the programming feature and only use the manual mode anyway! We love the hopper, so that it can be filled for the melt cycle. Temper 1 mode really doesn't work. Temper 2 is the preferred method, and the Temper 3 for extended temper holding has not proven successful for us at all as the chocolate continues to thicken and not be useable for dipping,etc. The overnight cycle we have used a couple of times, but unless lots of chocolate is left in it, if we add chocolate in the morning and start the cycle of tempering over, the machine thinks it is ready for seed before the new chocolate melts. The Delta has it's place in our business, and considering the cost, it is great. We wish there were custom designed dipping tools that fit that machine. And, we highly recommend double checking the chocolate manufacturers recommendations for melting, seeding and working temps. It's a big jump to go to an enrobing system, but that will be our next move. From what we've heard, the Hilliard small enrober is really a step to skip, although it does seem affordable.

Another note about Chocovision: If you can get ahold of someone there (Joe) he is very very helpful in talking thru issues with the machine. And, the company is quick to send out replacement parts, often at no cost.