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Revolation X Tempering Machine - 10lb Capacity

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Revolation X Tempering Machine - 10lb Capacity
by Lori Eisenberger - Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 4:47 AM

Tempering Machine Report – Revelation X made by Chocovision  - Priced at $1700.00 CAD

I have been using this tempering machine for about 5 years with great success. The machine can be used in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The maximum capacity of the machine is 10lbs but the tempered chocolate has to be used within 2 hours from the end of the cycle, or the chocolate begins to over temper. When this happens the finished chocolate has a bit of a dull finish and not the shiny finish I like to have.  On average I will temper about 6-7 lbs ( 3-3.5kg) at a time if I am using the chocolate for dipping centres. If I am making a bark, I will temper a larger amount as I do not have to worry about using the chocolate within the 2 hours.

The machine tempers both callettes (buttons) and slab chocolate equally well. I prefer using the callettes as they eliminate the need for breaking up the large chunks of chocolate. Sometimes a few of the callettes slide under the baffle but this does not really cause any problems. I also find it easier to weigh an exact amount of chocolate callettes when needed.

The Revelation X works in 3 main cycles. First is the melting cycle where the solid chocolate is melted in the bowl for 30 minutes and then the bowl automatically begins to rotate. The chocolate will continue to melt until it reaches the correct temperature for the type of chocolate you have selected on the controls. A baffle scrapes the melted chocolate to the front of the baffle. A beeper sounds and you can move to the next cycle or continue on the melt cycle until you have the needed volume of chocolate. When the beep sounds, you must add “seed” chocolate behind the baffle and press the seed button. Once the chocolate has finished its seeding cycle, the machine beeps 3 times and you must remove any remaining solid chocolate from behind the baffle. If you do not do this, the chocolate can “over-seed”.  The final cycle takes only a few minutes as the chocolate continues to cool and temper. A single beep and a green light lets you know the chocolate is ready to use. I like the beep warnings between cycles as it lets me work on other things while the machine is going through its cycles.

Depending on your working room temperature and the humidity in the air, 6lbs of chocolate will take approximately 45 minutes to fully temper and then the machine will “hold” the chocolate at the working temperature and continually rotates the bowl to keep the tempered chocolate consistent. To speed up this process, you can add pre-melted chocolate to the bowl behind the baffle. You must be very careful not to overheat the chocolate you are adding to the bowl.

The Revelation X has an “overnight” mode which allows you to fill the bowl with the chocolate the night before and the machine will start the tempering cycle in the morning. I have not tried this cycle on the machine as I have never found the need to have chocolate ready first thing in the morning and I am reluctant to leave a machine on an automatic cycle if I am not there to watch over it. However, for some chocolatiers, this may be a useful feature.

There is an optional hopper available for the machine which allows chocolate to be added automatically during the melting stage. I have never found the need for this option.

The main varieties of Couveture I temper with the machine are; Belgian white, Belgian dark (72%) and a Belgian Milk (34%). I also temper a Yucatan dark (70%) and all of the Couvetures temper extremely well in the machine.  If I am tempering milk, dark and white all in the same day – I will start with the white chocolate, then go to the milk and finally end with the dark. This way, you do not have to clean the machine between tempered batches. If you do need to wash the bowl and baffle between batches, it is very important that every drop off water is removed before the second cycle of tempering is started. Even a small amount of water can cause the chocolate to seize.

In the 5 plus years that I have been using the machine, it has only been repaired once and it proven to be a very reliable and dependable piece of equipment. I think it is best suited to small to medium sized, artisan chocolate shops.




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Re: Revolation X Tempering Machine - 10lb Capacity
by Gator Lanphear - Saturday, 14 September 2013, 9:15 AM

Thank you for this report. I do have a question about your machine...can I use more than one bowl and baffle for the different chocolates? That way I could clean one while the another chocolate is melting.



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Re: Revolation X Tempering Machine - 10lb Capacity
by Liliana Molina - Wednesday, 15 January 2014, 10:43 AM

thanks Lori!

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Re: Revolation X Tempering Machine - 10lb Capacity
by Lisette Hall - Saturday, 15 February 2014, 8:47 AM

Thank you so much for this very detailed review of this tempering machine.