Chocovision - Rev 2

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Chocovision - Rev 2
by Sue Casey - Saturday, 3 September 2011, 11:15 AM

I have 2 Revolution 2 machines. One is over 4 years old and the other is 2 years.

The Rev 2 tempers a minimum of 4 ounces up to 1 ½ pounds of chocolate at a time and this is great for doing small batches. You can also add melted chocolate (around 85 F.) behind the baffle as the supply of tempered chocolate decreases, which allows me to dip even larger batches if needed.

As with my Revolution Delta, I use my Mol D’art melters overnight to melt the chocolate. Be sure to rub some chocolate on the bowl at the front of the scraper as it can fold backwards when the bowl starts to rotate. I start the machine by selecting the type of chocolate, pour in the melted chocolate and set the type of chocolate button. It also has a control panel that is easy to use. It also has preset settings for white, milk, and dark chocolate. Once the chocolate reaches the 108 degrees (the machine will beep once), add seed chocolate behind the baffle, press temper button and wait for the machine to beep when it’s time to remove the excess seed. Sometimes I even put a small amount of seed on the side of the baffle with the melted chocolate. Just don’t put too much as you want to make sure it all melts before the machine reaches 90 degrees. Any excess seed behind the baffle gets removed once the machine beeps to let you know it has reached 90 degrees. Remove excess seed, press Temper and wait for the final temperature to be reached. This varies depending on the type of chocolate (white, milk or dark) that you are using.

This machine has been a real workhorse. I have put it through many hours of dipping You can adjust the temperature if you find the chocolate too thick or slightly thin. You can stop and start the bowl rotation with the push of a button, it will automatically start rotating after about 1 ½ minutes if you don’t start it up again yourself.

I purchased my first machine from Chocovision. I have had to send it away to be repaired twice. I used the Chocovision’s recommended service person for Canada at Andea Chocolate for the first repair and got the machine back within a few weeks. It worked for a bit but then the motor started smoking and stopped. When I sent it the second time it took at least 4 months to get it back and Andea ended up sending it to Chocovision after I had spoken to the people at Chocovision. I would not recommend Andea for any repairs, as they do not return calls or reply to emails and we very slow to return my machine.

Finally when I did get my first machine back it looked great. They had replaced the housing – not sure why as Andea sent no explanation as to what was wrong or paid invoice for the work even though I had paid and requested it. The repaired machine still has a few problems but I use it on occasion as a backup.

My other Rev 2 works great (knock on wood) and turns out wonderfully tempered chocolate.

I have extra bowls and baffles for ease of switching between different chocolate.

Drawbacks to this machine:

Very noisy

Hard to use for molds as not enough chocolate and it’s a small bowl

Very noisy

Limited amount of chocolate so have to replenish for doing large batches

Oh – did I mention it is very noisy J

Clean up is fairly easy – you do need to be careful with the 2 prongs on the baffle. They are somewhat sturdy and need to stay dry.

Rigid plastic housing – can crack

If not using pre-melted chocolate, the chocolate pieces tend to climb out of the bowl where it contacts the baffle. There is a small stop on top of the baffle to prevent this from happening but frequently doesn’t work and causes a mess of chocolate.

The forced hot air heating system of this machine creates a lot of heat in your workspace.


Tempers melted chocolate in less than 20 minutes.

Great for dipping small batches of truffles

Small and light – storage is not a problem

Works great on counter top – perfect height

Price is good for someone starting out.

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Re: Chocovision - Rev 2
by Lynn Wright - Monday, 31 December 2012, 9:21 AM

Do you find that over time the chocolate becomes too thick to dip but still in temper?

The company says to turn up the temperature to 92F but with my chocolate it takes it out of temper and I have to begin again. I would love to hear how it is possible to maintain temper AND viscosity with out having to start from scratch!!