Chocovision Delta

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Chocovision Delta
by Sue Casey - Saturday, 3 September 2011, 3:59 AM
 I have had my Delta for a little over a year and it has been great. I’ve set it up on a movable cart so I can wheel it into place when needed.

It tempers a large quantity of chocolate which is great for when I’m doing molds or extremely large orders of dipped truffles.

To begin the process, I use my Mol D’art melters overnight to melt the chocolate. I start the machine by selecting the type of chocolate, pour in the melted chocolate and place the cover over the top. The Chocovision Delta ‘s control panel is easy to use. The machine can also store up to 26 recipes for different types of chocolate. Haven’t used this feature yet but it may come in handy someday. The directions give instructions for starting from scratch with solid chocolate but I find using melted chocolate definitely saves time in the process. Once the chocolate reaches the 108 degrees (the machine will beep once), add seed chocolate behind the baffle, press temper and wait for the machine to beep when it’s time to remove the excess seed. Sometimes I even put a small amount of seed on the side of the baffle with the melted chocolate. Just don’t put too much as you want to make sure it all melts before the machine reaches 90 degrees. Any excess seed behind the baffle gets removed once the machine beeps to let you know it has reached 90 degrees. Remove excess seed, press Temper and wait for the final temperature to be reached. This varies depending on the type of chocolate (white, milk or dark) that you are using. 

I find I usually have to let the machine work about 5 or 10 minutes to ensure proper temper, once it has reached the final stage. You can adjust the temperature which helps if using different brands of chocolate as they each have their own best tempering temps. You can stop and start the bowl rotation with the push of a button, it will automatically start rotating after about 1 ½ minutes if you don’t start it up again yourself.

I purchased the machine directly from Chocovision and have had no problems with it. In comparison to the Chocovision Rev 2 which I have as well, the noise level is much less but still a noise. I wish Chocovision could do something to really lessen the noise level on these machines.

I purchased extra bowls, baffles and scrapers with the machine so I can quickly change from milk to dark or white. Clean up of the bowls and baffles is easy, just be careful not to put water near the contact point of the baffle. It’s a very sturdy machine with a metal housing. It is advertised as a professional machine but definitely not as professional as the continuous machines with the wheel. One comment on the baffle is that it is made of hard plastic and originally had bits of plastic ‘hairs’ that I had to remove. The manufacturer should probably look into this in the quality control department. Customers shouldn’t have to make sure that no plastic bits will end up in their chocolate.

As for negative things to say with the Chocovision Delta - Shortly after I started using it, I had had it on for about 2 hours and it went into tempering mode again. Don’t know why and it hasn’t done it since, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Also, the hot air that it continually emits can add to the room temperature.

Of all the tempering machines I have used, this Chocovision Delta is definitely the best. Limited noise, handles large amount of chocolate – up to 10 pounds and a fairly sturdy machine.