ChocoVision - Revolation Delta

ChocoVision - Revolation Delta
by Glenn Knowles - Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 9:13 PM

I operate a small chocolate business, producing small batches of chocolates. My busiest time of year, like everyone else, is the holiday season of November through January when I make making chocolates daily and nightly (yes, those good ol’ 20+ hour days!). I use a combination of methods…seeding small batches in a bain marie, while tempering larger quantities in my tempering machine, a Revolation Delta workhorse.

I bought the Revolation Delta two years, it's still running great...touch wood, of course. I bought it reasonable cost on eBay. Shipping to Canada would have been very expensive, plus the requisite Canada Customs duties.

Depending on the vendor you choose, you might be able to get a few freebies included in your purchase. On eBay, there are several vendors, so you can hopefully negotiate a deal that best suits you. I was able to the lid covers included, plus replacement baffles. I did not purchase the optional chute for seeding chocolate. Frankly, I don’t think it’s necessary and probably takes up some expensive real estate on your working counter space. Another bowl might be handy and practical, depending on the quantities you produce, so it’s worth considering when negotiating your purchase.

To preface, I am very satisfied with my tempering machine. Although there are a number of disadvantages to the machine, I’d still buy it again. I read graduate forums and anything else I could read online, given it’s an expensive item for the ‘beginner’ at $1400 or so.

Advantages of the Revolation Delta are many:

1.I like the custom programming for each recipe with automated prompts to add/remove seed and when in temper. This allows you to use preset recipes as well as adjust to formulate custom tempering recipes.

2.It is very reliable; it is a workhorse for batches up to 5kg. No complaints.

3.It tempers well and consistently: dark, milk and white chocolates.

4.There is a moderate level of noise (louder than a room fan). The heating is fan driven and heats the circulating bowl, so you can anticipate room heat in addition to the discharge fan.

5.The machine is encased in sturdy steel, which is easy to clean.

6.It is easily moved as a counter-top machine and lightweight without being heavy and chunky to move.

7.Best of all, it is automated and the bowl spins, there is no stirring required, so it's hands-free tempering! Woo hoo!

There are some disadvantages to consider, but none are show-stoppers:

1.The separator is made of plastic, so if you’re not careful, it could crack and require replacement.

2.The fan can contribute to room temperature and white noise, if working in a small space like I do.

3.The tempering time varies based on room temperature - no way to speed up the cooling process without an air-conditioned work space (this likely applies to other brands as well)

4. Switching from dark to white chocolate requires a thorough cleaning to remove any dark chocolate (although this likely applies to all machines), so a dedicated machine for white chocolate is preferable

5.During busy times, the space limitation (5kg) can slow production, so you have to manage your production time well to avoid down time

6. A wider bowl would be useful when molding chocolates…though with practice you get better at holding the inverted molds so the chocolate drips into the bowl and not on the casing.

7.Dipping can be a challenge unless you are accustomed to a revolving bowl...for dipping a melter would be much easier to use.

Despite the disadvantages, for low capacity chocolate tempering I'd still buy another one of these machines as it's reliability is perhaps the biggest strength. Unless sales volumes warrant upgrading to a JKV 30 or other machine, I'll be adding another Revolation Delta or two to my business.

From Day #1, I've been happy with this machine and would do it again.

Good luck!