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Love my Selmi but....

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Re: Love my Selmi but....
by Melanie Boudar - Thursday, 15 November 2012, 1:05 AM
I didn't use replacement, I just rewove what was there very patiently with two pliers. You have to bend all the loops and keep them as flat as possible.I also have a hammer to flatten if necessary.
Its been over a year now and I have not had any further issues but inspect all the belt loops after we wash the unit. I put a piece of blue tape on the problematic area to monitor it. I now heat the entire belt and rollers(paper guides) with a hairdryer and advance the belt bit by bit and be sure its running perfect before letting choc flow in.
I think Tomric has a video on repairing it. Good luck! It took a couple months for me to not be paranoid every time I used it.