Revolation X3210 & Revolation 1

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Revolation X3210 & Revolation 1
by Dirke Botsford - Thursday, 1 September 2011, 10:12 AM
My first tempering machine was the revolation 1,a great machine for small runs and those who are not fans of seeding or hand tempering. For anyone just getting started with a limited budget as I had, it's perfect. Very easy to use, small quantities and perfectly tempered chocolate. Small enough to move around freely and is portable.

So there's always a good side and well "could be better" right... It's doesn't keep temper for as long as you might hope. I found the best way to lengthen temper and also increase the amount of production was to have a melted pot of untempered on the side to add but even that was tricky if you didn't watch it but over all a great machine for the price. Draw back #2, chocolate almost always end up outside the bowl and got into areas that it was meant, which inevitably burnt out the motor and had to be replaced. drawback #3 the baffle is very sensitive, the prongs that connect the temperature gauge to the body can easily be damaged, bent and will render the device useless. I found it extremely important to keep everything clean. Draw back #4 the fender that keeps the chocolate in the bowl could be better, not critical but I do find you need to keep an eye on it to ensure the chunks of chocolate stay in the bowl and not spilling out making a mess.

My second Revolation 1 is much newer in design, same basic idea but much better built. Bowl sits tighter to the frame for less chance of over flow into the rotating parts. This one came with a dust cover and seems to be quieter.

For being a startup I quickly out grew the revolation 1 and decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Revolation X3210, It is very quiet, again easy to use and has extra temperature controls the Rev1 didn't, as well as an over night feature that I have yet to use. Being able to temper 10lb of chocolate is fantastic and doubled my production in the first use. Takes about 15 - 20 minutes to temper a full bowl, hold temper well. The nice feature is the extra temp control which is so easy to adjust ensure good temper. I almost wish I had started with this one but it's not cheap, not extremely expensive but for a startup every penny counts. The fender is attached on this model which is great not having to worry about more free parts, draw back it hides any small chunks of seed and as luck would have it over course over seeds. There are extra add ons such a hopper to slowly add chocolate. Much bigger machine then the Revolation 1 and required a secure spot to use with proper air circulation to prevent over heating.

If I had to do it all again I would do it exactly the same. Now having the larger capacity with the option to temper a smaller quantity of a different chocolate at the same time is going to make large and Xmas runs a lot more efficient and allow for flexibility. I haven't looked at other machines as the price jump from this machine seems significant enough to have to warrant a lot of production. Over all Chocovision products are great, have yet to have to send anything in for repair but reading some of the other posts about the same machines I hope the experience is better. There is only one local company that I am aware of that sells these smaller machines so it is fortunate that they also service them.

I hope you find this helpful. Chocovision has good products as far as I am concerned and time will tell if the stand the test.

Happy chocolate making!